QLINE® 650B is a black durable, thixotropic, fast drying anticorrosion coating based on polymerised bitumen. The product provides excellent sound deadening, anti-corrosion and stone chip protection properties. QLINE® 650B provides durable protection for up to 24 months and is commonly applied to car, truck, and coach chassis. Once dry it forms a tough adhesive film resistant layer providing protection against gravel, salt and harsh weather conditions. QLINE® 650B also provides effective anti-corrosion protection for vehicle wheel-housings and side-skirts. Also the majority of British salt spreading manufacturers use QLINE® 650B in production. With it’s proven durability QLINE® provides good adhesion to different materials including plywood. Available sizes: 20 Litre Pail, 60 Litre Drum, 208 Litre Barrel. 1 x item of the specified size supplied ­you can increase the order quantity on the cart page if required