OEM approved industrial coating & corrosion protection products. Our solutions incorporate cutting-edge technology and are supplied to many blue-chip automotive and industrial manufacturing organisations globally.

Our product range

QLINE® products are aimed primarily at the automotive OEM and industrial OEM production lines of global manufacturers. Our innovative durable solutions provide the ultimate protection in the harshest environments. The popular range currently incorporates specialist transport coatings, cavity waxes,  underbody chassis coatings, storage coatings, industrial cleaners and de-waxers.

Research and development

We invest heavily in scientific research to improve products whilst finding new solutions. In our laboratories, technicians and petrochemical engineers are constantly looking for sustainable solutions. All products are tested and certified in accordance with REACH. The R&D department work together with car and industrial manufacturers to ensure compatibility and endurance.

Tailored to your requirements

We work closely with all of our clients to develop and produce bespoke tailored solutions for their exacting requirements. Working in close co-operation with many major manufacturers to create innovative products. We have become the preferred brand to many leading industrial OEM companies and global blue chip manufacturers continually seeking our expertise and knowledge.

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