Cutting edge, OEM approved advanced coatings & protection

The extensive range of QLINE® products include corrosion protection, cleaning, body repair and hand sanitisers are used in wide range of industry sectors.

Automotive OEM

We provide a wide range of solutions currently incorporated into the production lines of many automotive OEM manufacturers. Our coatings include cavity waxes and underbody sealants are used on the production lines of many automotive OEM manufacturers.

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Industrial OEM

Exceptional service and loyalty to our clients has ensured we are the preferred partner to many major leading European industrial OEM manufacturers. We currently supply them with strong anti stone chip protection and other corrosion control products.

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Railway industry

Corrosion in the Railway industry is a well know safety related topic that is costing the industry billions of pounds every year. We produce and sell a number of specialist products to both operators and manufacturers. Our solutions have a proven track record at reducing stone chipping and corrosion on wheel sets.

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Government & Defence sector

We are proud to supply the British Ministry of Defence, Navy and BAE with a number of cutting edge specialist advanced coating solutions that do not compromise stealth technologies. Our products provide a number of salt water resistant protection solutions for land-sea vehicles.

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Off-shore & marine

We offer off-shore companies a wide range of salt resistant products that can withstand the harsh climate on open sea and at the same time comply with the strict environmental regulations that apply especially within a zone 2 off-shore drilling operation. Our solutions protect complicated mechanisms and equipment that are used to lower lifeboats. Safety equipment mechanisms such as fire-extinguishers can be protected with our products.

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Shipping industry

We supply the shipping industry with an extensive range of coatings for safety material/equipment. Our products are currently widely used by ship building manufacturers worldwide. The sound deadening compounds we manufacture help to effectively reduce the noise level on any vessel despite size. We also provide advanced protection solutions for equipment used to lower the lifeboats in the event of an emergency.

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Aviation industry

QLINE® products are used by a long list of Airport vehicle manufactures through the UK & Europe. They help to protect de-icing vehicles, push-back tractors and runway maintenance vehicles. Our products are essential for de-icing machines as they are extremely vulnerable to corrosion. Our product ranges consist of heavy duty chassis coatings that temporarily clear salt and acid resistant coatings.

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Renewable energy sector

We produce and supply a number of products suitable for the energy sector as they are mainly solvent free, fully biodegradable and environmentally friendly. We have products that are able to solve the problems and protect against condensation in the pipelines under and within solar panels. We have experience in supplying solutions hydro power stations, wind farms or coastal wave energy transformers.

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